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Double Blind Presents: Science Telephone!

The latest podcast from Jesse and Lucas: laugh while you learn, as the classic game of telephone is repurposed for scientific research! You can listen to Science Tele...

Hyperloops And Starshots

The future of transportation and space exploration: the first public test of "hyperloop" technology and how we might be able to send tiny spaceships to another star wi...

Drilling To Discovery And Living In A Simulation

Double Blind is in the midst of a brief hiatus as Lucas and Jesse are both working on other projects and in this episode they describe the science behind them. Why do ...

Nobel Winning Neutrinos and Convincing the Anti-Vaxxers

Lucas provides a brief outline of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics and Jesse explains how to change someone’s mind about vaccines.

Disappearing Diatoms And Black Holes On A Collision Course

This week on Double Blind, Lucas puts on his detective hat to solve the case of the disappearing diatoms, while Jesse takes a look at two black holes on collision cour...

Tweets and Trauma

Jesse talks about political stereotypes and how twitter supports them and Lucas discusses links between football and brain disease. Featuring special guest Kelsey Hemp...

Smart Prescriptions And A Year On Mars

Jesse breaks down if a drug can make you more intelligent and Lucas answers what happens when you put six people in a dome for a year.

Antibiotics, Diabetes, And Extra Special Dimensions

Lucas looks into early links between antibiotics and type-2 diabetes, Jesse asks what a magnetic wormhole is and how it works!

Mood Makers And The Spice Of Life

Jesse explores the mysteries of Serotonin, one of the most important neurotransmitters that we're just beginning to understand. Lucas delves into a study that seems to...

Mysteries Of Pluto And Synthesizing Opioids

Lucas explores why Pluto’s atmosphere is puzzling and Jesse explains how yeast can produce opioids.

Thin Tin and Whether Sex Sells

Jesse tries to unravel some of the quantum properties of the (probably) newly synthesized material Stanene, while Lucas takes a peek at the efficacy of using sex and v...

Magnetic Pearls And Chronic Effects

Lucas peers inside oysters and Jesse sifts through a 22 year study examining the health effects of marijuana.

Wired Minds And The Bees’ Needs

Jesse sorts through two crazy studies that literally attach brains to other brains and Lucas looks at an impressive study that assess the impact of climate change on b...

Plant-Inspired Solar Panels and Reducing Crime Through Emotional Intelligence

Lucas explores a new study suggested by a listener which could hold the key to cheap, efficient solar power. Jesse takes on a social science study that's found an inte...

Translating Thoughts To Text And Uranium Loving Bacteria

Jesse discusses how electrical signals in your brain can be translated to the words you’re saying; Lucas reports on how uranium isn’t so bad for all bacteria and how t...

Test-Tube Blood And The Oil And Gas Industry's Earthquakes

Jesse updates us on the progress of growing human blood in a lab, and Lucas explains how new research blames the oil and gas industry for an increase in earthquakes.

Going Viral And Photographing Memory

Lucas investigates if a new test can actually detect every virus you’ve had and Jesse discovers how each fact you learn has a unique signature in your mind.

Cretaceous World And Injectable Electronics

Lucas looks into secrets hidden in dinosaur bones and Jesse asks how close we are to becoming cyborgs.

Stopping Light And Iron On The Mind

Jesse sheds some light on an amazing new physics discovery and Lucas explores new evidence that Iron in the brain is linked to Alzheimer's disease.

Questionable Data And Cold Storage

Lucas covers the developing story of the most high profile paper retraction in recent times and Jesse explains how to freeze and revive worms with their memories intac...

A Web Of Carbon And The Universal Donor

Lucas learns how engineers are working with spiders to create new materials and Jesse looks into why blood type might matter a whole lot less in the not too distant fu...

Tickling Crabs And Your Brain In Space

Jesse explains the bizarre ordeal that New Zealand pea crabs must go through to find a mate. Lucas looks into a study that hopes to figure out the effects of cosmic ra...

Puppy Love And Mood Altering Drugs

Why do you love your dog and why does your dog love you? Jesse explores some fascinating research that answers just that. Could acetaminophen alter your emotional reac...

Liquid Water On Mars And Detecting Cancer With Sound

Lucas dissects the latest evidence for liquid water on the red planet and Jesse explains how sound-waves can be used to diagnose cancerous tumours.

Money Shaping The Mind And The Origins Of Life

Lucas examines a study claiming family income changes the physical brain development of children and Jesse investigates how the basic chemical building blocks of life ...

Singing Mice And Californian Snow

Jesse tells a story of mice expressing their love and lust in the form of song and Lucas reports on the snowpack (or lack thereof) in California and what it means for ...

April 3rd - Atomic Boundaries And Reading Rodent Minds

Lucas discusses how we see ourselves in the geologic history of our planet. Jesse explains how we can read the minds of dead rats (but like actually).

March 27th - Teleportation And The Average American Penis

Jesse delves into the mysterious world of quantum entanglement and teleportation. Lucas crunches the numbers relating to male genitalia.

March 20th - The Pursuit Of Antibiotics And Perfection At The Poker Table

Jesse explores a new method for discovering antibiotics and Lucas finds out how a computer can learn to be a perfect poker player.

March 13th - Ancient Fruit Flies And Mars Vs. Montreal

Is Canada really colder than Mars? Lucas investigates how it would feel if you were standing on the surface of the red planet. Jesse tells us about tweaking genes to c...

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