March 13th - Ancient Fruit Flies and Mars vs. Montreal

Is Canada really colder than Mars? Lucas investigates how it would feel if you were standing on the surface of the red planet. Jesse tells us about tweaking genes to create long-lived fruit flies. Listen on iTunes. 


Mars vs. Montreal:

·      “Mars is Warmer than parts of Canada, US” -

·      @MarsWxReport - Mars weather twitter

·      The Martian Atmosphere - NASA Quest

·      “Nonsense data reveal Mars rover's damaged sensor” - New Scientist

·      “Martian Windchill in Terrestrial Terms” - Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Ancient Fruit Flies:

·      “Have scientists found the 'Elixir of Youth'? Gene that destroys unhealthy cells is found to extend the life of flies by more than 60%” - The Daily Mail

·      “Elimination of Unfit Cells Maintains Tissue Health and Prolongs Lifespan” - Cell

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